Back To Center

by Helen R. Little

Life is an interesting journey. If you pay attention along the way everything you need to make this journey fruitful is right in front of you. With all of excitement of the plans you have for yourself a clear message should stand in the forefront of your thinking. You can't do it alone. God wants your attention. He puts situations in front of you to get you to acknowledge and turn to Him.

Today, and each morning tell Him THANK YOU for waking you up. Give thanks for life if nothing else. The message that rings true in times like these is to live your life differently. Make better choices. That's the only way your dreams and plans and goals will be fulfilled.

Think good thoughts. Thoughts are things. Your thoughts and words in particular are SO powerful. Be conscious of the messages you put out there. Good thoughts for good measure.

You are blessed with a strong will and a powerful presence. Shape that power in a positive way. Think and will good things for yourself and others. Ask, believe, and receive. Ask for what you want. Believe that it will be given to you. And be open and prepared to receive!

Part of my purpose is to share this with you. Your trials are about shaping something good out of something challenging. For that which does not break you will only make you stronger.So how does one do this? By getting centered, by leaning on and learning from those strong and positive people around you. By not ignoring the messages that God is sending you. He does have BIG plans for you. But he wants you to slow it down, pay attention, and come back to the center.

And where is the center?

It's Him.


Marcella Precise said...

Im so glad i ran into this page!!!

THIS is a great blog!!! it's priceless that you choose to share your your insight in a forum like this...

I loved the interview you have posted, you should DEFINITELY be on TV, your personality really helps to get your thoughts &ideas across... I LOVE IT!!

I would LOVE to interview you for my Inner beauty & Outer wellness Blogazine

when you get a moment please email me at

martine said...

you are so right, this is so inspiring and well written. Someone told me the other day that i think very optimistically. I can tell by what you have written u think the same! I always try to keep positive thoughts in my mind and that's what keeps me going!