Eagles vs Cowboys

I’m stumbling over words this morning as I attempt to make a sentence during my radio show. I’m a bit fatigued after the Sunday night game between Philadelphia and Dallas went so late and of course I stayed until the bitter end. No pun intended as it was bitter. This was the battle for bragging rights atop the NFC East standings and this morning I don’t have much to brag about.

The evening started out on a high note as I got inside the stadium early to watch the pre-game warm-ups from the sideline. Spirits were high with my Birds and I felt a re-beat, yes, re-beat coming on from the stomping we administered the last time the Cows were in our pasture. Oops…typo, I meant Cowboys.

I made my way up to the press box just before kick-off and the room was electric as reporters, writers, and various other sportos were chatting, chowing, and checking out the start of the game. The Cowboys won the toss and elected to receive. Strange move I thought and it had a distinct advantage for the Eagles at the beginning of the second half. But it wouldn’t be enough to garner the outcome we needed.

Neither team seemed to be playing outright great ball last night. It was a low scoring, high yellow flag flying game. But it was the red flags that became the problem. Andy, I love you but keep it in your pocket unless you are 5000% sure that you are going to win. I suggest that you replace it with a nice Eagle green hankie that you can throw as much as you like. With two failed challenges in the second half we blew two time outs and were left standing there at the end of the game holding our…picks.

To add a little insult to injury, my Fantasy team that I had so proudly worked my way into third place from the bottom of the heap, had five Eagles players who gave me next to no points. So let’s see; a loss to Dallas, a night with only four hours sleep, and a lousy showing for my Fantasy team, now that made for great fun! Not so much.

I’m not a fan of loosing, especially when victory is right there in our grasp. Third down conversions were like finding a cheap apartment in Manhattan. It happens, just not that often. Then interceptions, lost challenges, silly penalties of false starts, holding, unsportsmanlike conduct, and unnecessary roughness were ways in which we managed to beat ourselves. A penalty robbed Ellis Hobbs of a touchdown from a third quarter kickoff return.

At one point momentum was leaning hard on us. David Akers showed his strength with some key field goals that helped keep us in the game including one from 52 yards out. Donovan McNabb connected with tight end Brent Celek and we took the lead 13-10. But for the six he put in Celek’s hands, we put ten in Dallas’ hands with turnovers turned points.

Final score, Dallas 20 Philadelphia 16.


Next week we’re back on the west coast. Going back to Cali? I don’t think so; at least not like we did when we went to Oakland. San Diego will be an entirely different challenge and we need to be up for it. Phillip is feeling himself like David after taking down the Giants and Eli who is the reason he’s got a year around tan in sunny southern California. Oh, you don’t remember when Eli pitched a hissy fit and pouted about being drafted by San Diego? Yep. So now that the Chargers have the taste of NFC blood on their tongues, they’ll be looking for us to have jet lag again.

But don’t count on it Bolts! Eagles don’t stay down long. And there’s nothing tastier than beating someone who just beat someone we beat also! Until then, let’s sing the fight song together.

Fly Eagles fly, on the road to victory! We’re still in the race at five and three!

Ok, that’s not the lyrics to the real fight song. But it works!

Fly proudly this week my feathered friends!

Helen “Love My Eagles” Little

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