Dim All The Lights...Thank You Donna

I was saddened upon hearing of the passing of Donna Summer. She had such a profound impact on me as a young girl. I wanted to be like Donna Summer. Growing up in a small southern town in the 70's, to see someone who looked like me, a Black female with milk chocolate skin and huge hair wasn't very common. As a young teen I saw that Donna Summer made music that everybody liked. She had the admiration of people of all colors which was still somewhat abstract at that time, especially in the south. I saw that she wasn't defined by her gender or her color but was empowered by both of them. This is what I perceived at age 12 or 13 of the Queen of Disco.

She was a Queen! I wanted to be a queen. I wanted to be respected and regarded by all people. I wanted to embrace the power of being a Black female to do big things, like Donna Summer. So I thank her. I thank her for inspiring me. I thank her for opening doors. I thank her for songs that made us dance, told great stories, and showcased her amazing voice.

As life happens, I was afforded the opportunity to meet Donna Summer in person. It was a very brief encounter with no time to talk but I thought how cool to meet this woman who inspired me in such a way that I'm now traveling in the same professional circle with her. Well Donna, you would be happy to know, had I been able to share this story with you that I followed your lead. With my milk chocolate skin and big hair I'm doing big things everyday by entertaining one of the largest radio listening audiences on the planet and they are people from all walks of life. And I'm only one of the many people whose lives you touched during your time on earth. Now your spirit has been released and you left us with your music to remember you by. May you find an eternity of peace and blessings.

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