Spend Wisely

"Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent." - Carl Sandburg

Life is like a pocket full of coins, each chapter, each episode, each moment a round shiny piece of precious currency. We are born with unlimited change. We learn how or teach ourselves to believe it is limited and often times waste it or harbor it. Everyday a coin is dropped in time’s vending machine whether we choose to spend our change or not.

When the number of coins appears to dwindle due to a lack of awareness of how limitless our spending power is, we panic and look to all kinds of sources to help preserve our account balance. However, it doesn’t matter the amount of coins you have but what you spend them on, how you regard them, and the investments you make in the time you have here on earth.

Take control of your coinage by not controlling it at all. Give it to the Master Investor to advise you on how to spend it. God is like a Financial Analyst who knows the best investments for the coins of our lives. He gave us an allowance at birth and ALLOWS us to spend it however we choose.

Change is a big part of life. The surface of this paper changes with each letter I type. How will you spend your change? How will you invest your coins? Who will you have manage your portfolio? What kind of return do you expect? Make the choice to choose wisely and put your change, your coins, your days here in capable, trusted hands for guidance. Only you can choose how yours will be spent.

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