I Pledge Allegiance To The Flag

An engaging story was shared with me by a colleague that penetrated my soul. He lost the father that he had not seen nor spoken to for thirty years since the age of ten. He was blessed with the opportunity to connect with his father just before the end. The father that didn't bother lay there in the hospital most certainly aware that this was his last glimpse at his extremely successful son who was emotionally unplugged from the man who gave him life. It was understandable that thirty years with no contact could create such a scenario.

Following his father's passing, days after his farewell visit, my friend attended the funeral. At the full military ceremony the oldest son was presented with the tri-folded American flag that had draped his father's coffin. The deceased was a veteran who had fought for his country and returned from war to a more monumental fight - the one in which the people he protected had no idea of how to protect him. It was at that moment as the rifleman's twenty-one gun salute was firing and the flag rested in his lap did my dear friend pledge allegiance. His allegiance is to making a difference, to making a positive impact, to freeing himself from casting judgment, and to choice, otherwise known as the still small voice of his maker.

Where is your allegiance? What flag rest in your lap that you are prepared to proudly fly at full mast? Identify it and use it as a reminder of these actions.


Now is never too late!

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