Be The Next You!

It's not unusual to hear someone say, "I'm want to be the next Beyonce, or the next Angelina Jolie." Whereas it's admirable to acknowledge the success these accomplished individuals have achieved and it's equally honorable to be influenced by their trek, one can never truly be the next anyone other than themselves which entails knowing who that is.

Aspire to be the next YOU! As I look at myself, I can reflect on the evolution of the many versions of me that have led to who I am today. And I'm tirelessly working on being more powerful and more dynamic as the next Helen Little! Although it's noteworthy to respect and regard the milestones of others as they are absolutely deserving of recognition, see it as just that. Take interest not in being the next great someone else but in the greatness of yourself!

Each of us is a unique creation. Your path is YOUR path and only YOU can truly be you in all your singular splendor! You may do some of the things that those who have paved the path ahead of you have done. Perhaps you may even do it better! But the next Oprah Winfrey and the next Michael Jordan can only be achieved my Oprah and Michael.

Focus on being you and being the greatest version of you. This is how we honor our Maker. We do, become, and give our utmost as a way to show appreciation and glory for the individual talents and gifts we are each blessed with. Certainly you are not to be reduced to an assembly line edition of someone else with the slight possibility of an upgrade making you the newer, improved version of them.

You have the specific requirement to be you. No one else can fulfill that purpose. And that purpose requires you to be your most outstanding YOU! So as you work toward growing and moving forward on your life journey, look to impress the Creator and the world by being the next YOU!

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