WAIT! A Beginner's Guide To Patience

I have not always been the most patient person in the world and until recently did not have a lot of experience on the topic. I’m one who always hated to wait for anything. A bus, an answer, a desire, a slowpoke, you name it I was not interested in waiting for it. And yes, I'd heard the saying that “good things come to those who wait." But I was doing quite nicely with good things coming in a hurry or on demand and definitely without a patient pause. So why should I wait? Now is what’s important right? At least according to many philosophies that I had delved into. It was all about the moment. And the moment didn't say "Wait" it said "Now"! So I was a total supporter of Now. But Now started to stall, stand still, no...grind to a screeching halt! Huh? What happened? Let’s get this thing moving again. Where are the jumper cables? I gotta get back on the road of life quick, fast and in a hurry.

Uh, that would be no.

I started to hit roadblock after roadblock, wall after wall, obstacle after obstacle. Only to be knocked down on my rear and have the faint whisper of that dreaded four letter word softly spoken in my ear, “Wait…” Talk about an unhappy sister. I was known for not waiting on anything or anybody. I was privileged. I didn’t have to wait. I was quick. I didn’t have to wait. I knew where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do so what did I need to wait for? Waiting was for the indecisive. Waiting was for the weak. I was a go-getter. There’s no waiting for go-getters. We go get! We don’t wait. For years this was my reality and my existence. From drive-thrus to EZ pass to fast food to ATM’s I was encouraged by convenience to wait even less. Microwaves, instant breakfast, modular homes, overnight success, fed ex, pop and fresh rolls, life in the fast lane!

Well, what happens if I wait and it never comes? Wait could bring disappointment and uncertainty. Then through the wait something better than what was expected comes along instead.

Hmmm, ok...I could get into that.

Wait is not about doing nothing. It’s about setting things in action and then allowing the results to come. It’s a mix of choice and consequence based on the options and actions we take. It’s about being open for life to take its course based on the paths we choose to follow. It’s about patience and perseverance. It’s about determination and dedication. It’s about a joint effort between man and God to uncover life’s treasures and desires. It’s about tolerance and resisting temptation. It’s about action and non-action. Every action has a course and a reaction. Anything worth having is worth working and waiting for.

So what do we do while we wait? We enjoy the present. We revel in the moment. We are grateful for every breath we inhale and exhale. We feed our creativity. We help someone in need. We pray and talk to God about our wait. We love ourselves. We love others. And then we wait some more.

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