My Fantasy Superbowl – Harbaugh Bowl Two

Now that the final two teams have battled their way to the top of the NFC and AFC Divisions for the honor of meeting in Indianapolis for the Superbowl, my fantasy of an inner family sibling rivalry remains just that. For the record, I’m neither a San Francisco 49ers fan nor a Baltimore Ravens fan. When it comes to the NFL, I’m a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan. So it wasn’t about my team reaching the biggest game on the planet, it was about me being a fan of family.

How cool would it be if you and your sib were on opposite sides of the field leading the two most successful teams in America’s favorite sport in front of its largest audience? I could only imagine how fun it would be to go on a ride like that with my sister. Are you kidding? There aren’t many things that could be better than that! I love the imaginary and implied dynamic of these two obviously close brothers having to pull from pillow fights on bunk beds or a race for the front seat of the car to reinvent their competitive ire. And it would have been a totally different scenario from Harbaugh Bowl One when they played against each other on Thanksgiving. This is the Superbowl!
Yes, I’m sure I’d be nauseous from how much the media spun this story into a sickening channel switcher. But minus the sports talk hype, I would have enjoyed watching this battle for bragging rights around Jack and Jackie Harbaugh’s dinner table like no other Superbowl before. Can you imagine the parental pride? Can you picture the wives and children of the two opposing coaches preparing for the game? What about their poor sister who may have to wear one of those hybrid team jerseys, you know…the kind that is split and sewn right down the middle with one half black and purple and the other red and gold? How I wish my fantasy could have become a reality just for the family fun of it.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it would have also been a great football game between these two defensive minded teams. One thing about Jim and John Harbaugh, they coach a fierce game. Of course then I’d be challenged with the decision of who I would cheer for, most likely John. I just like him better. Although there is something about Jim’s rough around the edges persona that makes me want to root for him. He’s done amazing things in San Francisco this year that I totally and completely respect. But I still think I’d lean toward Baltimore since they’ve got this group of veteran players that have poured their hearts out this year for what could have been a grand finale.
Nonetheless, on Sunday February 5th it will be the New England Patriots and the New York Giants in the Superbowl. Been there, done that football. And in my musing it is not my intent to take anything from what these two teams have accomplished because this will be a great game. Oh, don’t get it twisted; this will be one mean, sick fight between these two teams and these two towns who live in a constant state of sports rivalry. But for just one moment, I would have cherished seeing two brothers who love each other, love their jobs, love their players, and love this game dueling for the Lombardi trophy. Somehow, I think despite the competition it would have truly been all love when the clock ran down and in the most endearing fashion; somehow they both would have been winners.

Helen Little


football mom said...

Love it!! As the mother and wife of Giants fanatics, I can so relate! Looking forward to the big game!!!

Helen Little said...

Thanks! I'm looking forward to the game too!