Helen 5.0

I love upgrades. I just got one to the new, brilliantly intuitive 5.0 version. It takes less time to upload and process information than previous versions, specifically 2.0 and 3.0. Version 5.0 removed the bugs from 4.0 and it crashes less than all the previous models. 5.0 remains touch enabled and comes standard with silver trim, however I still prefer dark brown. Mine runs as fast as the 4.0 version due to the exercise converter.

There were just a few more wrinkles with the 5.0 download but that was expected and mine seem to feature as few as possible. It comes with the latest Outlook and great memory. There are tons of great apps with 5.0 like the Discovery app, where you can explore unending options and opportunities and the Swagg app that comes standard in 5.0. The best part about the 5.0 upgrade is just being able to upload it because not everyone gets to install it. And for that I am most grateful!

<----That was then.
    This is now. ---->

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